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Get up to speed quickly on the basic concepts and the value proposition of solar and renewable energy, plus what you need to know about contracts with the utility company.



The overwhelming response to the Solarize Phase 2 program exceeded the 2017 capacity of our installer-partner. We regret to say that Third Sun Solar is unable to book any more jobs in 2017. It will honor its Solarize pricing for installations to be completed through June 2018 for contracts signed this year.

Meanwhile, some Solarize participants did not receive proposals. SIREN is working with SB2 participants who want to be reassigned to another installer for a possible 2017 installation. Some participants we have spoken with have agreed to wait until 2018 to make more room for those who need a 2017 date. We thank them for their generosity.

For full details, click here.

To request SIREN’s help for reassignment, email

The Solarize program will continue to accept participants seeking 2018 installations. To get started, click here.




Since 2008, the Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) has been a leading educator and promoter of renewable energy and energy conservation in the state of Indiana. As a project of the 501 (c) 3 non-profit Center for Sustainable Living (CSL), SIREN is a independent, non-partisan, volunteer-run group with a specific focus on promoting solar power including photovoltaic (electricity), solar hot water, and solar air heating furnaces for homes, businesses, churches, governmental buildings, and schools. Visit our SIREN History & Milestones page to learn more about our history.  To learn about our newly launched project, Monroe County  Solar for All, go to


SIREN’s main activity is presenting free public Going Solar programs at libraries, churches and civic groups. We help people learn about solar and renewable energy because one of the barriers to solar adoption in the Midwest is lack of awareness of its performance, cost and availability.

Additional activities include:

  • Providing public outreach and education on energy conservation and renewable energy through events such as energy fairs, speaker presentations, films and demonstration projects.
  • Promoting the adoption of renewable energy systems in our schools and other public buildings.
  • Facilitating cooperation among renewable energy consumers, system installers, electric utilities and state and local government.
  • Providing grant writing assistance to community organizations preparing to go solar.
  • Visiting homeowners and providing a site pre-assessment of their home’s potential for solar panels, etc.

Donations are welcome from individuals and business supporters who are interested in renewable energy.

If you have a solar energy system in your home, be sure to ask about our “Powered by the Sun” sign!


The SIREN community consists of hundreds of Indiana solar owners, installers, presenters, and green allies who communicate with each other by email over the public SIREN mailing list, which you can join.  We also hold informal gatherings where new and old members of the community meet to exchange information. Contact us if you are interested in attending one.

These are the current members of the SIREN Steering Committee.

  • Anne Hedin
  • Arvind Gopu
  • Chandra Romel
  • Darrell Boggess
  • Lavanya Pashikanti
  • Terry Usrey
  • Woodie Bessler

Be sure check out our Volunteer Profiles (Coming Soon!) page for more information!


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