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Climate Action invitation for September

As you may know, and many other organizations are teaming up to organize the largest climate rally in history this coming September.  It’s timed to coincide with the UN climate summit, in hopes of putting pressure on world leaders to get past political barriers and take significant action on climate NOW.  See more at
The march will take place on Sunday, September 21 in New York City.  Details are still being worked out with the NYPD, but people all over the country are making plans to be there.  The Green Sanctuary Task Force of the UU Church of Bloomington is organizing a bus, and everyone is encouraged to get on board!
Here’s the gist of our itinerary:  We plan to leave Bloomington (probably the UU parking lot) in the evening of Saturday, Sept. 20; we’ll drive through the night to arrive in NYC around 10am, then get back on the bus that evening, drive through the night, and return to Bloomington about 7am on Monday morning.  The bus seats about 55 people, and will be equipped with wifi.
How to reserve your spot:  Tickets are $25/person, though if that’s a hardship for anyone we can subsidize further.  We can also do family discounts if that would help!  You can purchase tickets on our Eventbrite page (
Help get the word out:  If you’re on Facebook, please  “like”  our page and invite your friends to it as well!   Also please send this message to any relevant lists you may have access to.  
How else you can help:  If you can’t attend but would like to help someone else make the trip, please consider making a donation.  You can do this through the Eventbrite page listed above, or email me for instructions on donating by check (no extra fees!)  We’d also love help with events, media, and other aspects of organizing.
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