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What are the support levels of tax-deductible donation to SIREN?

As a volunteer-run organization, SIREN is supported via tax-deductible contributions made by individuals and businesses in our community. If you are interested in supporting our work, you can donate at a level of support that fits you best. Individual   $25/year Family   $50/year Sustainer  $100/year Business…

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Can I lease a PV system?

Leasing is an option for homeowners in many states but not currently in Indiana.  The closest thing to it is the community solar option available from Tipmont REMC, Indiana’s first community, remote solar program. The REMC owns and operates an…

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Can I finance a solar energy system?

Many people finance with a bank home equity line of credit.  The minimum monthly interest payment can be less than your savings from electric bills. Talk with your local credit union or bank for financing options. Another avenue to check…

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What are Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)?

You can get paid for the renewable attributes of your grid-tied PV energy source by registering with a broker such as SRECTrade or Sol Systems.  Participating utility companies purchase renewable energy credits to meet state required renewable portfolio quotas. Indiana…

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