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How can I get my billing history from Duke so as to determine my monthly and annual consumption?

The quickest is way is to register for an online account with Duke Energy. You will need your account number to do so, so once you find it on a paper bill, go to . Once you register and/or sign in, you will be taken to a page with a number of billing and payment options including Bill History. Select this option from the menu, and it will bring up a list of recent billing dates with a link to an image of each month’s bill for service.

Click View Bill for the most recent month. When the image appears, scroll down to the second page which displays monthly usage in kilowatt hours over the previous 12 months in both a bar chart and summary form. This is the information that you need to provide on the Solarize Site Info form (if you are participating in a Solarize group-buying program) or directly to the solar installer.

If you do not want to register online for some reason, you can obtain the same information by calling Duke customer service at the number listed on your paper bill. Ask to have the second page included on your next bill. To save paper, Duke generally prints just the top page with the current month’s charges.

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