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How can I get my billing history from Duke so as to determine my monthly and annual consumption?

The quickest is way is to register for an online account. If you are a Duke customer, as in the example shown, use your account number to register at A paper bill will have both your account number and the Company’s website address.

Once you register and/or sign in, go to the account summary or payment page.  Click on View Bill for the most recent month.

When the bill image appears, it should display your electricity usage in kilowatt hours over the previous 12 months in both chart and numerical form.  On a Duke bill, it looks like this (though your numbers may be higher or lower).

12-Month Usage is the information that you need to provide on the Solarize Site Info form (if you are participating in a Solarize group-buying program) or  when requesting an estimate from a solar installer.  If you want to see how much you paid for those 12 months, look at Payment History. SIREN, the Solarize organizer, is a nonprofit organization.

If you do not want to register online for some reason, you can obtain the same information by calling Duke or REMC customer service at the number listed on your paper bill.


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