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Is there a public SIREN mailing list? How do I join/leave it?

Yes, we have a public mailing list / discussion forum that anyone can join using the instructions below. It is relatively low volume with ~1-3 emails per week with the occasional spike caused by a spirited discussion!

Joining/Subscribing to the mailing list: To subscribe, send an e-mail to (subject/content of the email can be blank).

Sending email to the mailing list: To communicate with the group, send your email to 

Leaving/Unsubscribing from mailing list: To unsubscribe, send an email to (subject/content of the email can be blank).

Setting Mail Delivery Preference: Members can adjust mail delivery preferences by visiting the Google Groups Settings page, or by making a request to the SIREN Steering Group via the Contact form.

Category: Common Questions about SIREN, Solar Basics

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