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What are the rates for other Indiana utility companies?

Here are the rates as of 2014. Rates are set by the IURC for set periods; utility companies have to request rate changes.  We will try to track rates changes and update the rate information on this page to the best our abilities.


Service Charge: $7.30 per month, Energy Charge: 8.634¢ per kWh


Customer Charge for bills of 0-325 kWh per month: $ 6.70 per month; for bills over 325 kWh per month: $11.00 per month

Energy Charge:  any part of the first 500 kWh per month: 6.70¢ net per kWh; over 500 kWh per month 4.40¢ net per kWh
With electric heating and/or water heating, over 1000 kWh per month: 3.18¢ net per kWh


Customer Charge:  $11.00 per month

Energy Charge:  $0.097836 per kWh

Adjustment for customers with electric space heating: $0.077836 per kilowatt hour for all use in excess of 700 kilowatt hours during any billing period more than half of which is within any calendar month from October to April


Customer Facilities Charge:  $11.00 per month

Energy Charge:

  • Standard Customers $0.09771 per kWh for all kWh used per month;
  • Transitional Customers
    $0.07656 per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh used per month
    $0.05266 per kWh for all over 1,000 kWh used during the months of June through Sept
    $0.03899 per kWh for all over 1,000 kWh used during the months of October through May

REMCs, Hoosier Energy, WVPA, and municipally owned utilities:

Indiana has 38 REMCs, each with its own net metering or similar policies, rate structures and tariffs. See the map of their territories for more information.  Many REMCs source their power from Hoosier Energy, which also  provides solar thermal to some customers. In addition, Indiana has 60 municipally owned utility companies throughout the state and Wabash Valley Power Authority has service territories in northern Indian as well as part of Illinois.

If you receive your electricity from one of these utilities, please consult the company for information on renewable energy options.

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