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What does SIREN’s acronym stand for?

SIREN is short for Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network. But there is more to that story! In 2008, the Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) was formed by a small group of volunteers, and has since been a leading educator and promoter of renewable energy and energy conservation in south central Indiana. Through the years, we began reaching audiences well beyond south central and southern Indiana including Anderson, Batesville, Bedford, Bloomington, Columbus, Lafayette, Muncie, Nashville, and other locations. We have tended to focus in particular on solar, and are delighted at how so many people all over the state of Indiana are embracing and adopting solar energy systems! Fast forward to the refreshing sights and sounds of spring 2016, and it seemed only natural for us to drop the Southern in our name and replace it with Solar. Our mission remains the same — to promote a cleaner and healthier environment in our state!

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