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Solar Tour 2011

Welcome to Solar Bloomington 2011, our 4th annual solar tour and part of the National Solar Tour sponsored by SIREN, (Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network) ASES (the American Solar Energy Society) and INREA, (Indiana Renewable Energy Association).

This year’s tour offers over 50 homes and businesses in Bloomington and Monroe County that are harvesting clean, renewable solar energy to provide them with electricity, hot water, hot air and cooling – 17 of these sites are brand new this year!

With so many solar sites, some of which are inaccessible or not visible, the guide groups the sites by technology and site access. Each site page will indicate whether you can stop and talk to someone about the system, ride or walk by and view the system from the road, or if it is a “virtual” site, only viewable in the guide or online.

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