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Solar Celebration Success!

The summer Solstice was an occasion for owners, local solar companies and solar enthusiasts to celebrate Monroe County’s number of solar arrays approaching 100 in 2013.  Monroe may have more solar sites than any other Indiana county.  One reason is the price of solar panels has dropped by over 50% in the last five years.  Another reason is the knowledge base of more than 500 people who have attended SIREN Let’s Go Solar programs presenting the costs and benefits of solar arrays and answering participants’ questions.  The barrier to growth of renewable energy is low awareness of information about its availability.
An unexpected benefit of owning a personal power plant is the increased motivation to reduce energy consumption.  Many owners have reported savings beyond the value of solar energy produced because of their actions after becoming aware of how much energy they were using.  Some owners have replaced half of their power with solar and then reduced the other half by conservation efforts.
On Saturday, June 22, about three dozen people celebrated that success at the Monroe County Public Library. Conversations were going strong an hour after the scheduled end of the event–when library staff closed up shop. Find out more about the adoption of solar and our next events using the Contact form on our website.
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